Gregory “mobman” Hanis is the original author of SubSeven, the Remote Administration Tool (RAT) software. Greg has been featured in the Rolling Stones, and CBS Miami in various occasions. Active in the cyber community since his teenage years, he sponsors and volunteers CyberPatriot as a way to help aspiring young cyber professionals avoid costly mistakes he knows all too well. He is a patent holder and former start-up entrepreneur nominated for the North Alabama's 2017 People's Choice awards. Greg gives talks and trainings around the country sharing his knowledge with the public and private sectors. Former board member of SFISSA (South Florida Information Systems Security Association), he founded and co-leads HACKBAMA as a way to encourage and cultivate local cyber talent. He has competed in many cyber competitions, recently took 2nd place in the professional division at the Von Braun Center "Cyber Cup" which was held during the National Cyber Summit

ITT Technical Institute, Fort Lauderdale, FL
Associate of Science: Computer Networking Systems - December/2011
Bachelors of Science: Information Security Systems - December/2013

Work Experience

MeasuredRisk [2016 – current]

Principal Research Scientist

  • Performed penetration tests, risk assessments, and vulnerability assessments for a variety of corporations
  • Created and implemented information security policies, procedures, and infrastructure
  • Developed and taught several curricula on subjects such as corporate information security, VPN security, firewalls, network security, viruses/Trojan horses/worms and the defenses against them
  • Lead team of security engineers
  • Conducting and/or supporting authorized penetration testing on enterprise network assets;
  • Analyzing site/enterprise Computer Network Defense policies and configurations and evaluating compliance with regulations and enterprise directives; and
  • Assisting with the selection of cost-effective security controls to mitigate risk (e.g., protection of information, systems and processes).
  • Collecting intrusion artifacts (e.g., source code, malware, and trojans) and using discovered data to enable mitigation of potential Computer Network Defense incidents within the enterprise;
  • Performing command and control functions in response to incidents;
  • Correlating incident data to identify specific vulnerabilities; and Making recommendations that enable expeditious remediation.
  • Database Assessment - assesses the configuration of selected databases against configuration baselines in order to identify potential misconfigurations and/or database vulnerabilities.

Personal Experiences

Victorious Gaming (acquired in 2015 by Xfire) [2014 – 2016]

Senior Developer Team Lead (Volunteer/Community Effort)

  • Developed a proprietary tournament engine that allows individual players to enter tournaments and be matched with players of similar skill levels. This completely removes the barriers to entry (finding teammates, coordinating schedules and replacing teammates who can't play or don't show up.) and makes the tournament experience significantly better for the player. We also introduce the player to new teammates in each tournament, increasing their social connections and ties to the game.
  • Scale and maintain the biggest Teamspeak server on the planet.
  • Setup and protect against DDoS attacks daily, from same attackers that attack PSN, RIOT, etc.
  • Maintain a 99.99% availability uptime to our members.
  • Brand development, web site traffic growth, web site UI and advertising revenue. Developed brand strategy and statistics systems.
  • Strategic Consulting, including business plan & sales strategy development. Focus is to optimize and secure the 'entire IP experience,' Web or otherwise, and to provide an unparalleled layer of protection against the most sophisticated of attacks without sacrificing site or application performance."
  • Architecture and performance of the Victorious Gaming Platform is one of the duties which is maintained 27-7 365 days a year keeping the Teamspeak server online and working, along with the web portal and scripts that run the Tournaments here at VG.
  • Designing and programming new concepts and code to make overall experiences the best in the world over any other online gaming community.
  • Making staff’s "daily tasks" easier allowing them to focus more on our community members instead of doing paperwork or handling mundane work.
Proficiency Skill

Knowledge of penetration testing tools and techniques

Knowledge of general attack stages

Knowledge of different operational threat environments
Professional Skill

social engineering techniques

conducting vulnerability scans

using network analysis tools to identify vulnerabilities
Personal Skill


Team Player


Passions & Hobbies